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My Pathway Quick Start Program – Detailed Information

1- Access to ALL our Online Q Jumper Factor Training Programs, including:

  • The Q Jumper Factor Online Training Program – (12 over the shoulder videos to finding a job as an immigrant – ground-breaking strategies and proven to work for hundreds of immigrant job seekers, worldwide)
  • CV Secrets For Immigrants Program – (6 x over the shoulder videos, watching how we create a Strategic Immigrant’s CV for an immigrant job seeker, including the attention-grabbing cover letters, including all the templates and a workbook, to work through creating your Strategic Immigrant’s CV step by step)
  • LinkedIn Masterclass For Immigrants – Step by step, over the shoulder training program to creating your Unique Immigrant’s LinkedIn Profile (9 videos)
  • Q Jumper Factor Monthly Program – 45+ Videos about the Unique Immigrant’s Job Finding Strategies – the Secrets of Finding Visa Sponsored Jobs – worldwide, Direct Approaches Strategy, Networking/Relationship Building, Influencer Program, Resume Videos, how to find, connect, engage and interact with overseas employers…and more. PLUS a monthly visa sponsored jobs list of hundreds of visa sponsored jobs worldwide.
  • Acing Your Interviews As An Immigrant Online Prep Program – how to ace online, Skype, one-way and face to face interviews as an immigrant. PLUS….

2- AMAZING VALUE! – WEEKLY, LIVE group coaching by me & my team of expert job search consultants

  • Dedicated, Online, Private Coaching Group – walking you through ALL the steps of –
  • The Bigger Immigration Processes and how to prepare to successfully find your overseas job, including how to do eligibility assessments, where/how to do your skills assessments, how/which occupational registrations to do, which documents to gather, with links, referral access to our trusted immigration adviser networks, and more (worldwide).
  • Researching your destination country, industry, sectors, skills in demand, defining your job targets and employer targets (IMPORTANT!) (in terms of your specific eligibility), creating your specific list of your target employers,
  • Crafting your Strategic Immigrant’s CV & Cover letters,
  • Creating Unique Immigrant’s LinkedIn Profile,
  • Implementing Unique Immigrant’s Job Finding Strategies – the Visa Sponsored Jobs Strategy, Direct Approach Strategy, Relationship Building and Network Strategies….and more.
  • WEEKLY Live Questions and Answer Sessions with me and my team.
  • “Office Hours” with the team – send your questions in the coaching group and we will answer them!
  • Live coaching of case-studies – (You might be one of them!) so you can see what needs to be done and how
  • Any added future bonus content – we record all the live coaching sessions so you can watch it later, PLUS you will gain access to all added future content – at no extra cost.
  • Interview coaching – What questions to expect, how to research your potential employer, the interviewer, the role, how to properly prepare, and ace your interview.
  • Your physical move – what to expect logistics, the move, adapting, etc.
  • Repurposing your skills – for a different job/career
  • BONUS – How to pivot right now – quickly – and find a job in your own country – if you are have/facing losing your job in the tough economic conditions.
  • …and more.

Q Jumper Factor Monthly – Visa Sponsored Jobs Program – Detailed Information

  • A full course and CV TEMPLATE to create your own Strategic Immigrant’s CV
  • a BIG, FAT LIST of visa sponsored jobs, delivered to your inbox, every month
  • a fresh TRAINING video, about the unique immigrant’s job finding strategies, and utilising a Unique Immigrant’s LinkedIn profile, to find visa sponsored jobs, every month.